About Us

The Jadav Gardens is located in Limuru, in a small quiet farming town known as Tigoni.  Tigoni is one of the most beautiful locations in Kenya and is ever green with cooler temperatures. We are approximately 20 minutes away from the Two Rivers Mall.

The Jadav Gardens first began as a farm, and later developed into an events and accommodations venue.

Most of the farm acreage is under tea plantation, but other farming activities such as dairy farming, sheep farming, chicken, fruits and horticultural activities also take place.

In 2012, the farm began taking in guests for meals, and later on, a portion of the land was landscaped and set up as an events venue.

The Jadav Gardens Tigoni has now become one of the most sought after events locations outside the city.

The well landscaped gardens and manicured lawns offer our visitors, a serene and quiet place devoid of the hustle and bustle of city life.

The amenities within the events area include, 2 large grounds that can sit up to 3500 guests, a beautiful overnight villa, large multi purpose gazebo, a modern and comfortable lounge, smaller more private gazebos, clean and modern washroom facilities, a large commercial kitchen, parking area that can hold over 100 vehicles, a children’s play pen and sand pit among other amenities.

On arrival, you will be met with a free cup of our very own fresh home grown tea from the nearby factory.Our highly trained team of our hostesses and supervisors will take special attention to ensure that you feel very welcome.